Posted by: S. N. Harrell | April 30, 2013

Prayer (Individual)

Most High, Heavenly Father, Lord of the Heavens & the Earth:
I pray for you to protect my body & spirit;
to guide my footsteps down the path that is most beneficial for me and righteous in your eyes.
I pray for you to strengthen me where I am weak
and make me better understand the plan that you have for me
so I can most fully accomplish it.
I pray to recognize the signs and blessings you provide.
Lord, I ask forgiveness for my errors and
for knowledge, wisdom & courage
to do better in every instance;
to be a better family member & friend,
to be a better self to me;
to love and laugh and grow my spirit how you see best.
Most High, I pray for my family & friends, to improve ourselves
& increase YOU within us in everything we do.
I give thanks to you for where I am today and
pray that I am a better version of me tomorrow.

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