Posted by: S. N. Harrell | April 30, 2013

Family Prayer (Group)

Most High, Heavenly Father, Lord of the Heavens & the Earth:
We pray for you to protect our body & spirit;
to guide our footsteps down the path that is most beneficial for us and righteous in your eyes.
We pray for you to strengthen us where we are weak and
make us better understand the plan that you have for us
so we can most fully accomplish it.
We pray to recognize the signs and blessings you provide.
Lord, we ask forgiveness for our errors and
for knowledge, wisdom & courage
to do better in every instance;
to be a better family member & friend,
to be a better self to us;
to love and laugh and grow our spirit how you see best.
Most High, we pray for our family & friends,
to improve ourselves
& increase YOU within us in everything we do.
We give thanks to you for where we are today
and pray that we are a better version of us tomorrow.

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