Posted by: S. N. Harrell | July 31, 2011


RunRunRun, play-run-spray
Walk umpteen miles, no run-play today
Carry towels to the car, time for the beach
Carry jars to neighbors and wells and rivers we can reach
Carry SPF and sandwiches
Carry my weary body through this dangerous ditch
Carry sustenance umpteen miles
Few burdens or few smiles
Carry non-replenishible resources
Carry laptop and books for college courses
Carry privilege and influence
So much, it makes no sense
Carry disparity on my back
As much as the water we lack.

Some pay for it dearly
And others don’t appreciate it
Bottle it, waste it down a drain
Discard, sully, and undervalue it futilely.

Note: This was written after seeing a Dverse Poetry call for poems about water. The first two things I thought of were summer-water fun and the fact that MANY people in the world don’t have adequate, clean water. So … I created.

Tell me what you think!




  1. nice social commentary…too true…the disparity in resources…nice write…

  2. Sheera, I loved it. especially how you vacillated between the fun of water and the seriousness of those who lack it. nice work – thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  3. @Brian & Sheila, thank you both for your comments. I am happy you both enjoyed this poem and appreciated the socio-political (human) message in it.

  4. I agree with Sheila… you made a point with the form you chose here. Well done!

  5. Fun yet meaningful post…like these lines:

    “Carry privilege and influence
    So much, it makes no sense
    Carry disparity on my back
    As much as the water we lack.”

  6. Insightful write Sheera – the ridiculous burdens of modern life and their heavy connotations…we lose sight…. a great exploration….wrapped in good verse

  7. i like “carry disparity on my back”. that’s why i read it out loud three times. 😉

  8. no new poems? thanks sincerely for the read and comment at my place, dear.

  9. Been SUPER busy with graduate school. I sometimes forget that I can do things other than read and write for academic and professional purposes.

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