Posted by: S. N. Harrell | July 17, 2011

Enlightened: Noble Truths (Poem)

Life is pain.
It makes me strong
callous me up & I won’t hurt the same.
I’m not wrong when I think
happiness is there for me to attain.
Pain will leave when I
stop fooling myself
wishing for more &
avoiding the rest,
only to wallow in my pain
Instead being aware &
developing wisdom & care
will gain me the peace, love, & happiness
that’s deep within – somewhere.
© S. N. Harrell 2011


  1. they say all is pain…seems we must learn from it and go on…

    well done my friend

    • That is true … definitely learn from pain .. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Pain is muse, as clearly evidenced in your write! What would our little notebooks look like without the stains of tears? Enjoyed my visit…thank you!

    • Without tears? My notebook would be significantly different … just the thought of it is sort of humorous … Thank you for visiting &; enjoying. Come back.

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