Posted by: S. N. Harrell | July 15, 2011

Love (Poem)

When you Love someone you don’t hurt them intentionally 

And you try damned hard to not hurt them accidentally. 

Love does not hurt. 

Love is not painful.

 Love feels good. 

Love is blissful. 

Love fills you up 

so much that you don’t know what to do with it 

so you spread it around.

Love surrounds you. 

Love cushions you from the pain that is life.

Love is concerned. 


carefully watches so that you do not stub a toe. 

And if you do, what does Love do? 

Love supports, uplifts, soothes, and fixes you. 

Love is grand. 

Love speaks louder than words 

And it moves bigger than action. 

Love is smaller than the strings that make up quarks. 

Love is my thing. 

Love is elemental … essential …

fundamental … indispensable …

Love is …

(is your Love unconditional?)

© S. N. Harrell 2011


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