Posted by: S. N. Harrell | July 15, 2011

I am … unhuman (Poem)

I am wordless

I am speechless

I am pervasive in every nook and cranny

When I am without language I am incoherent grunts

I am loud silences in the face of adversity

I am blind & deaf to the world around me

Yet, I see what is in visible.

I am silent to the point of being mute

But I created a reason to be loud!


I am not who you believe me to be

I am in all

I am in none

I am in man, woman & child.

I am socially constructed & yet

I am unknown, despite my innumerability


I was Negro, Mulatto, octoroon, Caucasian, Asian & Black

I am male, female;

she, he & them; gay, bi, straight, trans, queer

And no one ever understood me


I was colorful character in gray scale

I was religious & spiritual.

I was atheist, agnostic & without belief or knowledge.

I am not for I am naught

& I am defined & undefined; class & caste

I’ll bring you down for uselessness

I’ll label you out of perversity

& even as you wallow

I’ll slap you with another label

Denigrating you all over again.

© S. N. Harrell 2011


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