Posted by: S. N. Harrell | July 15, 2011

I am … human (Poem)

I am restless; incapable of relaxation

Expecting some manifestation

Some great alignment; some culmination

Of all of my worldly expectations

I am splendid & supremely glorious;

As an embodiment of femininity

I am immaculately victorious.


I am divine,

In my pursuit to further self-define,

I seek out THE Divine.

I find me sitting restlessly,

Waiting & seeking the grace of my Divinity.


I find me silenced and fearful of differentiation

(I find me) wretchedly ignorant to what’s around me

(I find me) seeking salvation and ignoring my hypocrisy

I find me imperfect and full of humanity.

I am the spiritually & physical personification

Of many things; I am divinely human

THIS is the me to which life clings.

I am loud and fearless

I am exquisitely wise

I am redeemed

I am imperfect & woman;

I am human.


© S. N. Harrell


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